Thursday, May 28, 2015

Attorneys Kenya offers 150 Domesticated animals to wed Princess Obama

A Kenyan legal consultant offers fifty bovines and completely different alternative homestead creatures to United States President Barack Obama keeping in mind the tip goal to wed Malia, patrician of the president World Health Organization was simply sixteen years old-time.

Felix Kiprono, Kenya's professional person name, say, wed the woman of Obama is his fantasy. As a results of that, he\'s willing to pay associate endowment as fifty dairy farm animals, seventy sheep and thirty goats to grasp his fantasy.

"I've been occupied with him (Malia) since 2008," aforesaid Kiprono told The Nairobian.

Year 2008 is that the initial term of Obama as United States president and also the gift 10-year-old Malia.

"Since I sure to be trustworthy to him, from that time forward I even have not had a date with a woman nonetheless. i want to enlighten my family relating to this fantasy and that they were willing to assist ME enhance the share," aforesaid Kiprono.

Kiprono aforesaid he plans to gift his supply to Obama once he makes a state visit to African country is reserved for next June.

"I'm at this time outlining a letter to Obama and requesting that he convey Malia amid a visit to African country. I trust diplomatic building (USA) can convey my letter," aforesaid Kiprono.


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