Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Long journey towards the family of earning a living

I went home from work, the time showed 5pm. It's very exhausting activities that moment. I began to set foot in the direction of the train station. As usual scene ensued exhausting, so many passengers waiting at the station platform length.

All the same boat and arms with me, a lot of faces grim and dull represent their feelings at the time.

Work is currently demanded tougher, because the competition was also very sharp. Each individual race achieve the ideals and the same hope that victory and happiness.
But everyone is different looking at it from one another.

Each one of us has different desires and expectations. Especially if we are married, have children far exceeds the capacity of human beings as a bachelor.

Responsibility and thinking will grow, no wonder many of them are already white-haired, aging prematurely. 

Karen economic factors as well as their thoughts on things that it has become a responsibility especially towards families.

The scenery is not bad too we enjoy together in the end, inevitably, and like it or not must be lived together. 

Overcrowded among a group of people make working conditions more uncomfortable home.

Fortunately, this time the train launches conditioning as well as relieving tired comfort and reduce fatigue can entertain us during the work.

Unique selling place and able to compete with supermarkets

Wholesale center is a place where every person businesses find the items needs at an affordable price.
Not only that, this place offers comfort in a shop with a wide range of products an attractive option and still relatively new.

I tried to walk in one wholesale center in my town, there is a unique sight in front of me.
I instantly take pictures and see the unique form and never existed anywhere.
It is a sort of small trading stalls stalls run that can be placed anywhere.

The shape is very creative and can attract a lot of customers who despite being offered a narrow space and improvise.

Overall, this place adopts a grocery shop on the roadside. The difference in the shape and proportions are kept to a minimum but does not reduce the original meaning.

A variety of food can be served starting from instant foods such as noodles, besera minuma mild to fizzy.

It seems to be an appropriate effort difficult times at the moment, sufficient capital with only a few million. By goods into daily consumption is not likely to be a promising revenue certainly in the future.

Facing the driving test for the future

A serious condition in a driving test. I was stunned into silence for a moment, was quiet when the subject described rules exam so many even lost his concentration.

But essentially all can be done as long as willing to learn and try to stay calm when his face every point.
Every matter regarding discipline problems of traffic, but I stopped when I read about about traffic laws.
I have not completely read these rules, so really confused how to answer it.

The next is a matter of image, where the position of the vehicle is in a crowded intersection even halt altogether. Our job as a rider how ethical deal with it.

It's become a challenge in the test. 

Once completed followed by a real test vehicle test. There are also faced with the condition of the road is rocky, winding and uphill. The slightest mistake could not pass the exam.

Delicious grilled meat dishes for dinner

It's time for dinner. Very tempting menu is barbecued ribs along with hot sauce presented in a separate bowl.
Is quite unique even unforeseen of how the presentation from the start.
But this is reality, all rose from the creativity of personal thirst for innovation.

A variety of foods including meats can even created with specials.
Make eye becomes attractive and there is a very high sense to eat immediately.

During my meal, the meat was tender though impressed sticky tongue but roast aroma which can not survive.
Smell of charred flesh interspersed flavor of butter makes the tongue was unable to eat it immediately.
The price is quite cheap if compared with the menu class but in other places.

Although we had to stand in line waiting for the dishes were overcooked, because too many orders from everyone.

Willing to wait for hours is a challenge in eating delicious meat in the overhang of this road. Night of the week looks full and crowded sidewalks even to meet.

Decker bus that adorn the streets of Jakarta

Jakarta city, this is where I settled to equip future of the family. With a myriad of hope and challenge, I tried to train myself into a powerful personal.
Time passed, the city of Jakarta is increasingly beautify themselves with various office buildings and the magnificent high.

Skyscrapers are now familiar to city dwellers, who daily busy respectively.
Who formerly deserted street with many pedestrians, is now beginning to grow a number of motor vehicles of various types.

Ranging from motorcycles, cars, bicycles to large vehicles such as trucks and other large cargo. All gathered into one part and cause congestion.
Fortunately, the local government to make some kind of mass transportation mode and comprehensive nature.

Decker bus like this, initially given 5 pieces, which in essence is an attempt to travel around in the city. Approached each location culture Jakarta and traveled amid the hustle of the city.

He said, will continue to be added gradually with a target of 100 buses in the first year to the next. Hopefully everything can be realized according to plan.
The city that is not only friendly to the people but also the surrounding environment is getting narrower by the barren land without greening.