Monday, May 11, 2015

Gado - Gado is very delicious one

This one mandatory food eaten. If you have not tried it is not complete. Assorted menu with creamy spicy seasoning mix makes sense the more tempting. This is my lunch which was so refreshing. It is the best vegetable intake to the body, so do not be afraid to try it. 
Specifically those who are fond of the vegetable, this choice is perfect without any meat in it. If it still feels less servings available, a wide variety of ways to add. Ranging from rice to the rice cake, it felt good when eaten.

The horse-drawn carriage cinderella magnificent

Our whole family goes afternoon at a famous mall in our city. There are various kinds of ornaments that can make eyes tempted. But there is one unique scenery and arguably this is the first time I saw it.

Horse-drawn carriage, reminds me of the movie that inspired amazement nuanced fairy tale of a story hereditary.

The story of a beautiful princess from the middle of nowhere, which is always used as a slave daily and considered different from other siblings in one family. A portrait of how patient attitude of a woman who has been abused.

Once upon a time there was a party that held the King in a village, and the news was heard by the family princess. Then all the family welcomed him with joy about the event.
A short story of two brothers very jealous princess princess beauty that led to his clothes torn and can not attend a magnificent feast of the king.

Finally the princess was sad, and suddenly came a fairy tangible grandmothers who intend to entertain anxiety princess.

No matter how long a total revamp fairy princess dreams where like an angel coming down from heavenly make the prince suddenly stunned to see it.