Saturday, May 23, 2015

My room is clean and always awake from noise

I rushed a shower after kesibukkan become commonplace. Exhausting and invigorating after everything was cleaned.

The beds are the best stopover in unwind.

In addition to bringing peace of mind, it can also open up broad mind.
Free expression without disturbing the load.

Snooze is an activity that is most comfortable, wherever we are, must meet with the busy mind.
So one way to relieve fatigue is a way to relax.

No need for long in making a break, just enough after it was re-please just want to indulge.
Keep well as the cleanliness of the rooms will we live do not let it become disease as a result of our own doing.

Dispose of garbage is always in place, never store food stale and always wasted but forgotten.
Forgot to return discarded if not used, because it could become a hotbed of new diseases that are harmful to health.

Diligent smoothed and never get tired of smoothing every corner of the room and wash gloves and blankets pillows once a week in order to be fresh and walkin dusty.

Face full of joy and carefree

Happiness that is the desire of every human being. In navigate the ocean of life, many obstacles that suddenly appear unexpectedly. No one can predict when the departure of the matter.

Try to think like a child who was always smiling in the face of problems, and if there is no load he usually only last cry silent.

Perhaps a less appropriate analogy, but this is a reflection of a base from the beginning to be applied.
Our culture is to hold fast to the principle, but there are times when an override at any stumbling block amid the trip so that it becomes far from the principles held since the beginning.

Never be afraid to fail in the attempt, echoes back a small child with a smile trying to fight. Play and falls then played back continuously and used to the ups and downs of life.

Without us knowing, too much of our thinking about something that caused us to stop half way.
Plus the lack of preparation, making us become worse and not immediately rise from failure.

Please try again, to think smart and always make us flexible in doing something that given the ease in every respect.