Thursday, May 21, 2015

Do we have discipline in traffic?

The above questions as we each said twisted ears are always in my heart.

Up time is pretty cliche answer, an artificial but that is the reality that is happening today.

The streets are a means us to reach the destination drive. But that does not mean being an arena of competing, fighting force who can survive even noisier.

This is what seems to be given counseling for motorists and road users.
Apparently, they are fed up with the current road conditions.

Everywhere there is always a traffic jam that does not mean new even leave the house even now had to queue.
Are we as road users do not think a little to budge on others?

Questions like these are arguably trivial but it does not mean that can not be answered.
Issued a word - that word is very easy to say but difficult to do real as an action.

I believe that if each of us train ourselves to be patient and always maintain discipline let alone selfish, congestion also must be avoided.

Because the form of an order and know the traffic rules are appropriate and what is not appropriate.

Graduated from high school then where are you going?

Education is a pillar for the success of an individual.
The best container is formed personal excellence through teaching and knowledge transfer.

Compulsory education is very vigorous currently manifested as a first step in fostering individual character full of insight.

We as educators have a daunting task in shaping their personality.

Full responsibility as a teacher to be on target in transferring knowledge to the learners.
Current constraints could be money and the facilities available.

The lack of it makes the process of learning becomes not aligned with the end goal.
As a result, you can imagine yourself their quality is still not considered to be capable of any job in the world.

As educators providing service excellence in teaching is a big responsibility as the foundation to cover up the shortcomings of some of these.

This is what is meant by the challenge in education.
For students as learners, nor to the problem here.

Where do you want to continue further education? Lecture? or quite simply armed with only a high school diploma can work.

Depending on the person undergoing it.
The most important thing for us is still breathing, you should never underestimate the teaching profession because thanks to them we become like this.

Confused where to eat first?

Tonight is the gift of the most beautiful in life. Food as a source of sustenance of the best of God more and more on my desk.

Our family always eat with gusto and invite friends in one table.
Here's a gift given by God to His people.

There are white rice, fried tofu, satay until the fish is sliced ​​thin Balado.
All menu is simple but has a high nutrition.

Do not have cholesterol and always maintain health in choosing food that is served.
Almost everything is good at the dinner table, especially the increasing number of people who ate at that place.

I was confused when the plate is already in the grip of my hand.
Whichever comes first food?

Everything is tempting and wanted to try it.
First, I take 2 scoops of white rice and satay skewers along with 3 fried tofu and fish Balado.

Afterwards do not forget to drink ice cold water, this a must for our family to eat every dish.

It's full of pleasure if we could gather family and friends together at one table, full of nuances that this gratitude may be a gathering place.
Mutual communication and help if some of us are in trouble.

Preparation filming "I'm Indonesian Children" at our school

Some time ago our school arrival of an invitation to do the filming process. This is a breakthrough that is large enough to develop a bright future for our school.

Besides as a means of communication and media campaigns to our school also easily recognized by the public.

Various preparations could make me surprised not imagine.

Shortly afterwards, a number of automobile vehicles and motorcycles entered our school in droves.
Such as if there is a war, all the vehicles entered in the group.

After all parking, finally rushed for the busyness of each.

Nothing brings a camera, cork up the mic and sound system equipment.

Our school consists of 4 floors, and rented out for filming Kantai basic and 3rd floor.
3 special floor only for makeup and grooming space for the players of the film.

The story tells of Indonesian children are proud of their homeland.

When the flag ceremony has been going on for some time that begins with the reading of a speech by the principal.

Through the film is expected to Indonesia as a young child could get up and continue to move forward for the glory of the nation in the world.

Togethers boy with all confidante

This is an exciting time, hanging out with kids who still do not have a load. They just think happy and playing.

Many things can be learned from some of the children, including their way of thinking and creative in doing something.

Maybe we often underestimate them in terms of age and life experience.

But the view of this picture, there is an adult figure who is ready to listen to children's stories that could be considered far from maturity.

With manners of this man is talking to the boy with the full seriousness.
But the atmosphere relaxed because when his field is quiet and free from distractions.

Children is the duty of us all to be developed in terms of thinking and ways of behaving.
Everything must come from the children, whoever it is. The most important thing we as adult must have a high sense of empathy with children.

Because they were deemed to be respected, they thought, although still minimal but still be considered quite intelligent in attitude.

Especially in terms of playing and find a practical solution.

So cultivate their soul in taking a stance, do not need to bother much illogical thinking came just one word that is simple and simple: let this happen because of the reality that must be faced.