Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Walking with the comfort of cool air

This time I was heading home lover who resides in the apartment. The most comfortable trip is when the rain had begun to subside. Cool and fresh air once in the body.

Although the streets are decorated puddle but did not affect the footsteps towards the goal.

I went through the parking area next to the train station which dikala. it was quite deserted from the activities most people.

While walking I enjoyed the air of God's creation is gratefully.

One by one eye is looking at around that looks cool moist air enveloped.

Plant fresh look as well as the traders had returned to hold merchandise with full alertness.

The beautiful trip in the afternoon makes the heart feel calm and happy.

A holiday trip to the biggest shopping building

Vacationing is my hobby since childhood, because time can be said to be able to relieve fatigue after one week of work.
This time I been to a mall that said most people in my city.
But with the boutique look one by one provided seems logical that shopping can be said to be the largest.
Very tiring even when coupled with a stroll down a number of areas in it.
With magnificent building is surrounded shop sprawling and luxurious apartments topped by 20 floors.
This makes the building seem majestic and exotic, oriental shades still strong in this building. Although a little bit of European style in terms of poles and pillars are connected to other buildings, but the impression of a more oriental highlighted.
However, it is unfortunate if a large building stands not escape the presence of environmental factors that increasingly narrow.
Green land did not exist and adds a long list of the world in terms of global warming.