Thursday, May 21, 2015

Preparation filming "I'm Indonesian Children" at our school

Some time ago our school arrival of an invitation to do the filming process. This is a breakthrough that is large enough to develop a bright future for our school.

Besides as a means of communication and media campaigns to our school also easily recognized by the public.

Various preparations could make me surprised not imagine.

Shortly afterwards, a number of automobile vehicles and motorcycles entered our school in droves.
Such as if there is a war, all the vehicles entered in the group.

After all parking, finally rushed for the busyness of each.

Nothing brings a camera, cork up the mic and sound system equipment.

Our school consists of 4 floors, and rented out for filming Kantai basic and 3rd floor.
3 special floor only for makeup and grooming space for the players of the film.

The story tells of Indonesian children are proud of their homeland.

When the flag ceremony has been going on for some time that begins with the reading of a speech by the principal.

Through the film is expected to Indonesia as a young child could get up and continue to move forward for the glory of the nation in the world.


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