Friday, May 22, 2015

Comfortable and beautiful afternoon

At that time I was about to go to the shopping center. Nothing is a hindrance to walk there.

Jams are common on the way, must always be vigilant and patient in the face.

Once there, I immediately rushed upward and toward seafood restaurants.

While waiting for our order looked unusual sky, bright sun is so beautiful and fascinating.
Clouds hid amid bright sunshine always shining.

Looks beautiful green landscape into a decoration of its own in overcoming fatigue.
It's not become a boring spectacle today.

The wind was blowing slowly and always approached us and greeted with a full whisper coolness.

The food has come, but these eyes never blinked at the sky as natural attractions free of charge by the Creator.

This is called the sights, not boring and always become tired when our release continues to stare.


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