Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reasons Why Men Very Liked women's breasts

Numerous overviews and studies that propose that one piece of a lady who has a high fascination for men is bosom. Obviously, notwithstanding sexual fascination, there is an investigative clarification in regards to bosom association with adam.

As per a teacher of psychiatry at Emory College WHO named Larry Youthful, the relationship between the bosoms and men have framed following the infant.

The reason, in principle neurological premise for complex human social conduct, action breastfed babies since turn into the foundation linkages men and bosom.

The bond in the middle of mother and child are exceptionally solid man. Therefore, says Youthful, is additionally a component that prompted a ton of men are more pulled in to an accomplice who has likenesses with the mother.

Later, Youthful additionally clarified that breastfeeding gives the best nourishment to babies, as well as exchange the hormone oxytocin or cheerful hormones in the child while sustaining.

Moreover, Youthful said that bliss was recorded better in the male cerebrum, so the bosoms makes men create a greater amount of the hormone oxytocin in their body that brings an inclination more satisfied and more agreeable.

Attorneys Kenya offers 150 Domesticated animals to wed Princess Obama

A Kenyan legal consultant offers fifty bovines and completely different alternative homestead creatures to United States President Barack Obama keeping in mind the tip goal to wed Malia, patrician of the president World Health Organization was simply sixteen years old-time.

Felix Kiprono, Kenya's professional person name, say, wed the woman of Obama is his fantasy. As a results of that, he\'s willing to pay associate endowment as fifty dairy farm animals, seventy sheep and thirty goats to grasp his fantasy.

"I've been occupied with him (Malia) since 2008," aforesaid Kiprono told The Nairobian.

Year 2008 is that the initial term of Obama as United States president and also the gift 10-year-old Malia.

"Since I sure to be trustworthy to him, from that time forward I even have not had a date with a woman nonetheless. i want to enlighten my family relating to this fantasy and that they were willing to assist ME enhance the share," aforesaid Kiprono.

Kiprono aforesaid he plans to gift his supply to Obama once he makes a state visit to African country is reserved for next June.

"I'm at this time outlining a letter to Obama and requesting that he convey Malia amid a visit to African country. I trust diplomatic building (USA) can convey my letter," aforesaid Kiprono.

How do get-away, yet don't oblige incredible cost?

Making a trip does not need to be extravagant. Presently, everybody including you can take an excursion without needing to acquire enormous expenses. What?

For the purpose of shabby occasions, you without a doubt think brilliant and frequently need to give up a few things. Yet, that does not imply that this will diminish the delight of occasions. You can even feel the energizing new experience in light of the fact that this expense diminishment.

Inquisitive how caratraveling economy? It was simple, essentially take after these seven intense tips:

1. Set the gear

Need to travel how long? Going in a decent measure of time can make you befuddled arrangement of gear. All products need to be taken, yet it is clear that it was impractical. In what capacity would I be able to work around this?

To begin with, do basic research on the city, extending from society to the season. At that point conform the garments and merchandise that must be taken. You can not bring a thick coat in the event that you need to go to the city of Semarang, known as hot air.

Arranged the components to be taken? Presently you must be shrewd to make stuff pack. Try not to crease the garments when you need to put in the storeroom. Attire ought to be bowed to spare space in your bag or rucksack. Utilize the distinctive pockets for things compare to the class, for instance for makeup, toiletries, pharmaceuticals and gadgets.

Exploration and great bundling procedures can spare space in your bag. What is most essential, it should not be overabundance stuff until you require not pay additional on landing in the air terminal.

2. Go to the off-season

On the off chance that you need to spare the expense of travel, select the time to go that are not matched with the celebration season. Go to Yogyakarta at the festival of Vesak or to Medan Lake Toba Celebration is presently held will make you mistook mastermind fund for expanded ticket.

Also, the ebb and flow went off season (off season) won't lessen the embodiment of the celebration. Decisively right now to go, you can appreciate going with better. Envision, you can visit the different attractions without the need to line at the ticket or since quite a while ago swarmed with different voyagers keepsake focus.

3. Select the hotel just to remain

To spare the expense of an occasion, staying at the hotel could be a choice. As of now, lodging offices and administrations started contending and some of them even drew closer the nature of the inn.

inn offices can likewise be conjured. Different inn for hikers in Singapore, for instance, finishes its offices with a free breakfast and a shared kitchen. Breakfast is obviously could spare your wallet in light of the fact that he didn't need to chase for breakfast outside in the morning.

Interestingly, you can meet numerous different explorers and offer stories and energizing background. It is truly conceivable, you have a travel friend to meander the city the following day.

4. Leave the taxi, take open transport alone

Disregard eminence in your destination city. On the off chance that you regularly decide to take a taxi all over, this time you need to pick the neighborhood open transport which cost is positively much less expensive.

Other than the issue of expense reserve funds, mount general society transport can likewise be a spot for you to meet neighborhood individuals and cooperate with them. On the off chance that fortunate, they will give data about purposes of interest that are not broadly known by different voyagers.

5. Eat like local people

Business stomach can not be belittled amid the occasions and be a piece of the most deplete sack. By what method would it be advisable for me to eat is not an issue when voyaging?

You ought to have the capacity to blend with local people and eat like them. Abstain from eating in extravagant eateries. Rather, select the average nourishment in the customary business or a nearby eatery. The higher the benefit of eating at spots like this is that you can appreciate customary food with a pocket agreeable cost.

6. Cut the expense of a trinket

You need to purchase a present for a companion, yet constrained stores? Multipurpose troublesome in reality. If not brought recollections, you may be viewed as parsimonious.

Cool off, you can simply offer trinkets to relatives without burning up all available resources. The trap? Simply send a postcard with a photo of a regular all encompassing city where you travel. Take a photo and print particular to them can likewise be a by-the sweet and essential.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Strange and mysterious sounds coming from the sky across the America, Canada, Germany and Australia

The world is getting older now, a lot of rare events beyond human logic and occur instantaneously without any cause that can be known.

Many say this is a sign of the coming of doomsday according to the Holy Qur'an. Most of the others, this is why it has long sounded just recently on the current uproar.Until the scientific studies of the famous scientist, there is friction between the meteor with the earth which resulted in their voice like a trumpet.

Whatever the views of people on the odd occasion, is a lesson for us as human beings.World while, and no one can resist or hinder. Everything is set up properly by the Creator, God Almighty.

Scientific terms, these sounds are the waves that come from high tides which was originally signify is high.

Various fractions as a result of the meeting of sea waves create a sound that boomed and become a natural phenomenon that occurs.

In any event, this nature already have a very old age.Often natural disasters are unpredictable and casualties w
ere not few in number.

As humans, it's natural we must maintain and preserve this nature as a gift of God.Although many natural phenomena that arise, not only limited means also events. Can also make us to be introspective, back on the road that God blessed.

Do not let us be proud and arrogant, in the face of this noise, everyone confused and no power to take refuge.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

My room is clean and always awake from noise

I rushed a shower after kesibukkan become commonplace. Exhausting and invigorating after everything was cleaned.

The beds are the best stopover in unwind.

In addition to bringing peace of mind, it can also open up broad mind.
Free expression without disturbing the load.

Snooze is an activity that is most comfortable, wherever we are, must meet with the busy mind.
So one way to relieve fatigue is a way to relax.

No need for long in making a break, just enough after it was re-please just want to indulge.
Keep well as the cleanliness of the rooms will we live do not let it become disease as a result of our own doing.

Dispose of garbage is always in place, never store food stale and always wasted but forgotten.
Forgot to return discarded if not used, because it could become a hotbed of new diseases that are harmful to health.

Diligent smoothed and never get tired of smoothing every corner of the room and wash gloves and blankets pillows once a week in order to be fresh and walkin dusty.

Face full of joy and carefree

Happiness that is the desire of every human being. In navigate the ocean of life, many obstacles that suddenly appear unexpectedly. No one can predict when the departure of the matter.

Try to think like a child who was always smiling in the face of problems, and if there is no load he usually only last cry silent.

Perhaps a less appropriate analogy, but this is a reflection of a base from the beginning to be applied.
Our culture is to hold fast to the principle, but there are times when an override at any stumbling block amid the trip so that it becomes far from the principles held since the beginning.

Never be afraid to fail in the attempt, echoes back a small child with a smile trying to fight. Play and falls then played back continuously and used to the ups and downs of life.

Without us knowing, too much of our thinking about something that caused us to stop half way.
Plus the lack of preparation, making us become worse and not immediately rise from failure.

Please try again, to think smart and always make us flexible in doing something that given the ease in every respect.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Comfortable and beautiful afternoon

At that time I was about to go to the shopping center. Nothing is a hindrance to walk there.

Jams are common on the way, must always be vigilant and patient in the face.

Once there, I immediately rushed upward and toward seafood restaurants.

While waiting for our order looked unusual sky, bright sun is so beautiful and fascinating.
Clouds hid amid bright sunshine always shining.

Looks beautiful green landscape into a decoration of its own in overcoming fatigue.
It's not become a boring spectacle today.

The wind was blowing slowly and always approached us and greeted with a full whisper coolness.

The food has come, but these eyes never blinked at the sky as natural attractions free of charge by the Creator.

This is called the sights, not boring and always become tired when our release continues to stare.

Tempting delicious food when cold air

I hurried toward some culinary locations in my area. There's plenty of choice to be used as food for tonight.

Confused also face a number of foods that line surrounded by a beautiful angel as a maid in order to gain the sympathy of visitors.

I ended up with a lover over to the food stalls were quite crowded.
This seems like the menu is currently my choice.

I started off to find an empty table when it was very difficult.
Crowded and too much to eat made conditions uncertain.

Finally I was able in the corner although somewhat narrow but grateful also have a place.
I ordered a steak along with the broth.

Viewing pictures and others is one special trick in choosing the right foods.

Besides the visible physical form of food, portion also supplied whether enough or even too much.

Orders finally came up with various kinds of aroma and form in which I have never found it before.

Grilled ribs soup dish along with a juice drink made everything feels complete to eat.

Thank God, this is a gift of God's sustenance and that always accompanies wherever we are.

It feels comfortable in making the tongue and not smelling like meat that has been burned.

Plus a curry sauce served separately and spices are typical grilled steak made tongue was not able to stop menguyahnya.

Finished eating immediately treated cold drinks taste fresh fruit juice.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Do we have discipline in traffic?

The above questions as we each said twisted ears are always in my heart.

Up time is pretty cliche answer, an artificial but that is the reality that is happening today.

The streets are a means us to reach the destination drive. But that does not mean being an arena of competing, fighting force who can survive even noisier.

This is what seems to be given counseling for motorists and road users.
Apparently, they are fed up with the current road conditions.

Everywhere there is always a traffic jam that does not mean new even leave the house even now had to queue.
Are we as road users do not think a little to budge on others?

Questions like these are arguably trivial but it does not mean that can not be answered.
Issued a word - that word is very easy to say but difficult to do real as an action.

I believe that if each of us train ourselves to be patient and always maintain discipline let alone selfish, congestion also must be avoided.

Because the form of an order and know the traffic rules are appropriate and what is not appropriate.

Graduated from high school then where are you going?

Education is a pillar for the success of an individual.
The best container is formed personal excellence through teaching and knowledge transfer.

Compulsory education is very vigorous currently manifested as a first step in fostering individual character full of insight.

We as educators have a daunting task in shaping their personality.

Full responsibility as a teacher to be on target in transferring knowledge to the learners.
Current constraints could be money and the facilities available.

The lack of it makes the process of learning becomes not aligned with the end goal.
As a result, you can imagine yourself their quality is still not considered to be capable of any job in the world.

As educators providing service excellence in teaching is a big responsibility as the foundation to cover up the shortcomings of some of these.

This is what is meant by the challenge in education.
For students as learners, nor to the problem here.

Where do you want to continue further education? Lecture? or quite simply armed with only a high school diploma can work.

Depending on the person undergoing it.
The most important thing for us is still breathing, you should never underestimate the teaching profession because thanks to them we become like this.

Confused where to eat first?

Tonight is the gift of the most beautiful in life. Food as a source of sustenance of the best of God more and more on my desk.

Our family always eat with gusto and invite friends in one table.
Here's a gift given by God to His people.

There are white rice, fried tofu, satay until the fish is sliced ​​thin Balado.
All menu is simple but has a high nutrition.

Do not have cholesterol and always maintain health in choosing food that is served.
Almost everything is good at the dinner table, especially the increasing number of people who ate at that place.

I was confused when the plate is already in the grip of my hand.
Whichever comes first food?

Everything is tempting and wanted to try it.
First, I take 2 scoops of white rice and satay skewers along with 3 fried tofu and fish Balado.

Afterwards do not forget to drink ice cold water, this a must for our family to eat every dish.

It's full of pleasure if we could gather family and friends together at one table, full of nuances that this gratitude may be a gathering place.
Mutual communication and help if some of us are in trouble.

Preparation filming "I'm Indonesian Children" at our school

Some time ago our school arrival of an invitation to do the filming process. This is a breakthrough that is large enough to develop a bright future for our school.

Besides as a means of communication and media campaigns to our school also easily recognized by the public.

Various preparations could make me surprised not imagine.

Shortly afterwards, a number of automobile vehicles and motorcycles entered our school in droves.
Such as if there is a war, all the vehicles entered in the group.

After all parking, finally rushed for the busyness of each.

Nothing brings a camera, cork up the mic and sound system equipment.

Our school consists of 4 floors, and rented out for filming Kantai basic and 3rd floor.
3 special floor only for makeup and grooming space for the players of the film.

The story tells of Indonesian children are proud of their homeland.

When the flag ceremony has been going on for some time that begins with the reading of a speech by the principal.

Through the film is expected to Indonesia as a young child could get up and continue to move forward for the glory of the nation in the world.

Togethers boy with all confidante

This is an exciting time, hanging out with kids who still do not have a load. They just think happy and playing.

Many things can be learned from some of the children, including their way of thinking and creative in doing something.

Maybe we often underestimate them in terms of age and life experience.

But the view of this picture, there is an adult figure who is ready to listen to children's stories that could be considered far from maturity.

With manners of this man is talking to the boy with the full seriousness.
But the atmosphere relaxed because when his field is quiet and free from distractions.

Children is the duty of us all to be developed in terms of thinking and ways of behaving.
Everything must come from the children, whoever it is. The most important thing we as adult must have a high sense of empathy with children.

Because they were deemed to be respected, they thought, although still minimal but still be considered quite intelligent in attitude.

Especially in terms of playing and find a practical solution.

So cultivate their soul in taking a stance, do not need to bother much illogical thinking came just one word that is simple and simple: let this happen because of the reality that must be faced.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Preventing Malware, Advertising and viruses that cause your PC / Laptop full of annoying ads

Time for you to immediately protect your computer from trojans and malware attacks.

Various ways taken each user only to eliminate the disorder.

In addition to damaging the computer network system is also able to make the machine to hang.
At the same time, the burden of computers will increasingly grow over several program at once.

At the time you run online activities, there were some who appear suddenly fills the screen
your computer.

This is called Malware detected only limited advertising.

Take care of current data and privacy security immediately, Do not let those who do not interest in taking part of your duties and responsibilities.

Please Download the following program to reduce most malware in the form of advertising should you open a web kaskus already well-known.

Beware of your phone is tapped, check signs

Wherever we are certainly not spared from the name of communication with others.
The increasing number of communication tools makes people choose various functions and form.

Leads to a lifestyle is the motto of the world today in the face of communication tools.
But the more advanced technology, it does not mean there are negative things that happen.

Means of communication is vulnerable to the name intercepts, the following sign:

1. Be careful when when calls to certain numbers and every few minutes will drop out.
2. When in conversation, such as talking in a room in such a cave
3. The occurrence of a buzzing sound when a call to other mobile phone numbers

So beware if you have such a thing.

Immediately change your phone number and create a new conversation as a conversation does not involve core

Some adverse effects are caused because of frequent nail biting

Maybe we often see with ease the nail biting for one thing.Because thinking about what has happened or just a fad for no reason.

Sometimes they are also often nail-biting until the end to bleed.What alasannyaa, who knows?

The important thing as long as it does not harm people what is the problem?
Many have become a dangerous risk of such trivial things, including :

1. Bacteria are always present in every place
According to research conducted is a bacterium resides in the nail two times more than  

   in the wrist.
The need to wash hands before meals is required in order that the risks to be reduced.
At the moment already in the bitten nails, the bacteria will go directly to the body 

   which result in some infections.
2. The nails become injured and uncomfortable
Open wounds on nails that have been bitten previously would cause the bacteria easily 

    enter through the liquid blood coming out.
3. Affected gum and tooth problems
Gums become infected initially good and make the gear position is far from normal 

Here are some diseases that occur because of errors or trivial habit.So once again thinking twice about bad habits that can befall you risk dangerous.

Watch the movie Doraemon together with dear lover

Time has begun to move toward the weekend. Time for this leg rests towards the cinema where before tickets have been booked.

The road is getting increasingly crowded afternoon with local tourists who want to experience the beauty of the night with family or lover.

Finally arrived disebuah largest shopping center in Jakarta.
Initially a bit confused about the very extensive park so we both were looking for parking from floor to floor.

Full of cars parked, we had desperately looking for an empty space for our vehicles amid a crowded weekend.

Arriving in front of the elevator door on the 5th floor, and it can also be grateful if a little far from the lobby.

Footstep very relaxing wrapped jeans and shirt make sure this yourself with a lover.
Entry into the lobby did not forget to be examined carefully by the mall security guard. Running back and I was surprised after entering into it.

So spacious, airy and very big and long.
We were both walking around down the floor while looking at the variety of items on display. Quite tiring and very tempting any goods.

Looking at the clock was nearing prayer time, we rushed straight to the mosque inside. Once again we did not expect this fancy building the mosque in this shopping center complex.

The trip ends with a magnificent towards 4DX theaters and fascinating in terms of screen and quality effects. Apparently already started queuing in front of the door, and finally we were able to seat a very fit, middle and very clear.

It was very nice Doraemon movie, there is the meaning of friendship contained therein which in reality makes us think clearly.

Agate or beautiful stones that are excellent in our country

Who does not know agate? Almost every male in our country particularly liked the charm of agate.
There are many shades of various types into the stone.

Ranging from black opal, ruby, green brazil, up to a certain patterned stone like a human shadow, face shape to the kalam lafadz divine.

There also are still shaped rocks that have not been carved or form lumps and which has been carved in stone ring shape.

This is the appeal which the stones can be resold at a price that is very fantastic.
Purchasing centers were diverse, there is even a super place full in eastern Jakarta area presented in a full house.

There, consumers can choose a wide range of bentu stone from all regions in the country.
Can bargain as agreed, there is also the price was not negotiable. It's become an interesting thing amid the many gold and silver are soaring and the price continues to rise.
This is an alternative, to be used as a farm business today.

For those who want to become a collector of unique stone from various countries, there is a place that desire shade.

The beautiful stone unmitigated valued at up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Office who witnessed the consent granted lasts between a pair of mankind

Family is the desire of every human being. Has a faithful spouse be a last option to achieve perfection in life.
Do not be a slave to passion the world, choose the best path given by God through the various ways and beautiful shape.

Every human being is created in pairs. For those who are good and sincere hearts must be for the good of their hearts and have the same sincerity as well.

People who do not kind of gratitude will get the same pair as well.
That piece of verse of the Qur'an Surah An Nur: 26.

So do not be too concerned about the state of torment. Not to get a matching pair does not mean God does not find the right for us.

But cultivate maturity and established in the thought that instill trust God for us to be able to get a couple.
All existing partner respectively. Animals were also treated the same from the Lord.

So as moral beings who should we continue to improve against Him worship, Sought establish a relationship with a fellow in order to match the ever anticipated.

As far as the eye can see, this step foot rests or over-the length of time, mate sooner or later will come by itself.

Believe me, God is all-knowing His will all affairs.
You always draw near to Him. God willing, all the things you do not expect in advance would be lovely in time.

Hard to find jobs for graduates

Life is a struggle, this is the motto of job seekers who are willing to queue and wait only for a hope that is working.

Work is a necessity to make a living as well holds up under the rigors of the capital.
Identity is sometimes sacrificed just for a job.

So the difficulty of finding work making all new graduates have a tight competition among the other applicants.

Start of expertise, salary up to the experience that indeed everything can be complementary and add value to the company.

Once work has been completed does not mean the struggle, there is a target that is given to each employee about his job, the time period that must be met to the loyalty to the company.

Companies can easily search for new seeds as an employee, but does so easily and in accordance with what the company wants?

It was difficult for companies to crave the same figure of employee qualifications and dedication.

With different backgrounds, characters and even the experience that employees itself that determines whether he deserves to work in the company or just the opposite happened.

They compete to achieve success with their own way, try to add inspiration through communication media, and make friends with many people to achieve the best channel in search of work.

Capital values ​​and high academic achievement merely decoration sheet in achieving the dream, the overall required special skills and can be a differentiator one of the many applicants amid the competition in search of work.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dare to learn and take the right decision

Humans are just a slave who daily did not escape the hand of God as the power of doing things.Has its limitations are major human nature, so do not be afraid if any problems that occur must be confronted with a word called solution.Thinking is the human way to take action if it feels necessary.But that does not mean people do not have the instinct, which means that actionswithout having to hurt many parties.The learning process can be done on people to get used to as well honed instincts of man.To be more incisive, skilled and always be able to control his actions forward.Benefits in learning many things that can be taken, including:1. Humans can think clearly before acting2. Man will be used to do something without having to rely on others3. Helping people to find the best solution to any problem and can easily take the right decision.Learn while having free time and give it a healthy instinct or sensefor vitamin us in taking a decision in all respects.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Think first before you complain about your situation

Every day is a blessing we were given by God to be used as well as possible.But sometimes due to full activity can sue us to always pursue the goal and finish routines inon time.

Busyness in daily activities could have an impact on our business to health and relationship with God alwaysignored. That arises is the greed of ourselves that continues preying life tirelessly.Which happened just chatter less convenient to the complaint that every day without us knowing it came out as a greeting.

Many people said, every word of it is a prayer for him. So, really be careful to say especially when wewas it difficult and oppressed problem. That no result will result back on ourselves.
Complaints may manifest all sorts, could be a lack of finance, narrow time up on health.As long as we can get a job is already a grace, but our minds there is always a sense of dissatisfaction is so big. Let us re-think whether we see their position who have not got a job until now.

If we often feel tired and bored of the meaning of life even sometimes there are thoughts of suicide or end of life, remember at that time there was someone who was lying seriously ill and even dying in the hospital.Where they can not complain, they expect only one that is can return to normal activity and healthy.Do we not think in that direction?

Try starting now, change our lifestyle to be more grateful for the blessings of God.Hope can be organized and in line with expectations and ideals that we expect.

Friendship fosters in any circumstances

Friendship is worth beautiful but sometimes tiring if there is a problem occurs slightest.
Supposedly the fabric of mutual friendship that grew together in addressing various things instead of just creating a new problem.

Since this is a process like the process of making a sword, not only form but capable of sharpening the sword to the usability indeed it should. Friendship has something to do with a sense, where there is a desire to share in the joy and sorrow and help each other subject to no necessity but a sincerity pure in heart.

There is a saying more valuable has 1 friend  True friends of a thousand selfish.
We can find out who our friend and he can be our friend.

If we are in difficult circumstances, surely we can find out who our friends.
If we are in a golden age, that should be our friend know about who we really are.

So do not underestimate a sense of friendship.

We never know when being successful or even just the opposite.
Keep your friendship under any circumstances, instill a sense of loyalty and selfless reciprocation.
Live what it is and sharing, essentially only one which establishes a good 2-way communication and is always positive.

Benefits of coffee grounds in the world of health and beauty

Who does not know coffee? Is a light that has plagued minuma wherever we are.Offices, houses up at the nearest food shop is also available. But do you know? Coffee not only treat excessive sleepiness at we're on the move.Coffee can also be an alternative to beautify themselves and health the other through the pulp produced.This review,:
1. The face become younger

Take the egg whites and mix well with coffee grounds. Apply section face and neck and then set aside some time to 15 minutes. After that, rinse with clean water and do the same way to 3 timesweek. The benefit is as a face mask to reduce the effects of aging on the face and look brighter.

2. Helps reduce the fishy effect of food

We often have problems in terms of aroma of the food served. Namely stink when washing hands with soap after any and not lost. How to wash your hands evenly on the hand coffee dregs. Guaranteed to eliminate the pungent aroma in a flash.
3. It can help hair growth and maintain 

The trick is quite practical that provide a gentle massage with two fingers before shampooing with shampoo, using coffee grounds evenly. Hair will look more shiny, heavy and fast growth.
4. Slowing down the effects of aging on the skin 

Like a scrub, apply evenly with olive oil and milk mixed cleaners to parts of the body such as the back, legs and his wrists. Rinse gently for five minutes, wait until dry, rinse with water and give a gentle massage approximately three minutes.
Can be felt directly effects.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Walking with the comfort of cool air

This time I was heading home lover who resides in the apartment. The most comfortable trip is when the rain had begun to subside. Cool and fresh air once in the body.

Although the streets are decorated puddle but did not affect the footsteps towards the goal.

I went through the parking area next to the train station which dikala. it was quite deserted from the activities most people.

While walking I enjoyed the air of God's creation is gratefully.

One by one eye is looking at around that looks cool moist air enveloped.

Plant fresh look as well as the traders had returned to hold merchandise with full alertness.

The beautiful trip in the afternoon makes the heart feel calm and happy.

A holiday trip to the biggest shopping building

Vacationing is my hobby since childhood, because time can be said to be able to relieve fatigue after one week of work.
This time I been to a mall that said most people in my city.
But with the boutique look one by one provided seems logical that shopping can be said to be the largest.
Very tiring even when coupled with a stroll down a number of areas in it.
With magnificent building is surrounded shop sprawling and luxurious apartments topped by 20 floors.
This makes the building seem majestic and exotic, oriental shades still strong in this building. Although a little bit of European style in terms of poles and pillars are connected to other buildings, but the impression of a more oriental highlighted.
However, it is unfortunate if a large building stands not escape the presence of environmental factors that increasingly narrow.
Green land did not exist and adds a long list of the world in terms of global warming.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Long journey towards the family of earning a living

I went home from work, the time showed 5pm. It's very exhausting activities that moment. I began to set foot in the direction of the train station. As usual scene ensued exhausting, so many passengers waiting at the station platform length.

All the same boat and arms with me, a lot of faces grim and dull represent their feelings at the time.

Work is currently demanded tougher, because the competition was also very sharp. Each individual race achieve the ideals and the same hope that victory and happiness.
But everyone is different looking at it from one another.

Each one of us has different desires and expectations. Especially if we are married, have children far exceeds the capacity of human beings as a bachelor.

Responsibility and thinking will grow, no wonder many of them are already white-haired, aging prematurely. 

Karen economic factors as well as their thoughts on things that it has become a responsibility especially towards families.

The scenery is not bad too we enjoy together in the end, inevitably, and like it or not must be lived together. 

Overcrowded among a group of people make working conditions more uncomfortable home.

Fortunately, this time the train launches conditioning as well as relieving tired comfort and reduce fatigue can entertain us during the work.

Unique selling place and able to compete with supermarkets

Wholesale center is a place where every person businesses find the items needs at an affordable price.
Not only that, this place offers comfort in a shop with a wide range of products an attractive option and still relatively new.

I tried to walk in one wholesale center in my town, there is a unique sight in front of me.
I instantly take pictures and see the unique form and never existed anywhere.
It is a sort of small trading stalls stalls run that can be placed anywhere.

The shape is very creative and can attract a lot of customers who despite being offered a narrow space and improvise.

Overall, this place adopts a grocery shop on the roadside. The difference in the shape and proportions are kept to a minimum but does not reduce the original meaning.

A variety of food can be served starting from instant foods such as noodles, besera minuma mild to fizzy.

It seems to be an appropriate effort difficult times at the moment, sufficient capital with only a few million. By goods into daily consumption is not likely to be a promising revenue certainly in the future.

Facing the driving test for the future

A serious condition in a driving test. I was stunned into silence for a moment, was quiet when the subject described rules exam so many even lost his concentration.

But essentially all can be done as long as willing to learn and try to stay calm when his face every point.
Every matter regarding discipline problems of traffic, but I stopped when I read about about traffic laws.
I have not completely read these rules, so really confused how to answer it.

The next is a matter of image, where the position of the vehicle is in a crowded intersection even halt altogether. Our job as a rider how ethical deal with it.

It's become a challenge in the test. 

Once completed followed by a real test vehicle test. There are also faced with the condition of the road is rocky, winding and uphill. The slightest mistake could not pass the exam.

Delicious grilled meat dishes for dinner

It's time for dinner. Very tempting menu is barbecued ribs along with hot sauce presented in a separate bowl.
Is quite unique even unforeseen of how the presentation from the start.
But this is reality, all rose from the creativity of personal thirst for innovation.

A variety of foods including meats can even created with specials.
Make eye becomes attractive and there is a very high sense to eat immediately.

During my meal, the meat was tender though impressed sticky tongue but roast aroma which can not survive.
Smell of charred flesh interspersed flavor of butter makes the tongue was unable to eat it immediately.
The price is quite cheap if compared with the menu class but in other places.

Although we had to stand in line waiting for the dishes were overcooked, because too many orders from everyone.

Willing to wait for hours is a challenge in eating delicious meat in the overhang of this road. Night of the week looks full and crowded sidewalks even to meet.

Decker bus that adorn the streets of Jakarta

Jakarta city, this is where I settled to equip future of the family. With a myriad of hope and challenge, I tried to train myself into a powerful personal.
Time passed, the city of Jakarta is increasingly beautify themselves with various office buildings and the magnificent high.

Skyscrapers are now familiar to city dwellers, who daily busy respectively.
Who formerly deserted street with many pedestrians, is now beginning to grow a number of motor vehicles of various types.

Ranging from motorcycles, cars, bicycles to large vehicles such as trucks and other large cargo. All gathered into one part and cause congestion.
Fortunately, the local government to make some kind of mass transportation mode and comprehensive nature.

Decker bus like this, initially given 5 pieces, which in essence is an attempt to travel around in the city. Approached each location culture Jakarta and traveled amid the hustle of the city.

He said, will continue to be added gradually with a target of 100 buses in the first year to the next. Hopefully everything can be realized according to plan.
The city that is not only friendly to the people but also the surrounding environment is getting narrower by the barren land without greening.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Gado - Gado is very delicious one

This one mandatory food eaten. If you have not tried it is not complete. Assorted menu with creamy spicy seasoning mix makes sense the more tempting. This is my lunch which was so refreshing. It is the best vegetable intake to the body, so do not be afraid to try it. 
Specifically those who are fond of the vegetable, this choice is perfect without any meat in it. If it still feels less servings available, a wide variety of ways to add. Ranging from rice to the rice cake, it felt good when eaten.

The horse-drawn carriage cinderella magnificent

Our whole family goes afternoon at a famous mall in our city. There are various kinds of ornaments that can make eyes tempted. But there is one unique scenery and arguably this is the first time I saw it.

Horse-drawn carriage, reminds me of the movie that inspired amazement nuanced fairy tale of a story hereditary.

The story of a beautiful princess from the middle of nowhere, which is always used as a slave daily and considered different from other siblings in one family. A portrait of how patient attitude of a woman who has been abused.

Once upon a time there was a party that held the King in a village, and the news was heard by the family princess. Then all the family welcomed him with joy about the event.
A short story of two brothers very jealous princess princess beauty that led to his clothes torn and can not attend a magnificent feast of the king.

Finally the princess was sad, and suddenly came a fairy tangible grandmothers who intend to entertain anxiety princess.

No matter how long a total revamp fairy princess dreams where like an angel coming down from heavenly make the prince suddenly stunned to see it.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Puppets doll with innocent face

I'm still confuse about what and how to get start. Its just like a puppets doll ini the shop window. For the first time that I saw it, soo completely glad to see and more amaze.. How come... Is it real or just only creativity? Maybe, the most people like us only see it on the internet. But, with the simple material, it came a good view to represent what its feel. You have to see the face. In the symetric of eyes and mouth, with just only circle and triangle.                                                       He standing around the toys that very completed and more sophisticated. From Remote control, action figure, video games with any kinds of dvd games., etc. Different games make parents can be choose what a good games to their children.