Thursday, May 21, 2015

Togethers boy with all confidante

This is an exciting time, hanging out with kids who still do not have a load. They just think happy and playing.

Many things can be learned from some of the children, including their way of thinking and creative in doing something.

Maybe we often underestimate them in terms of age and life experience.

But the view of this picture, there is an adult figure who is ready to listen to children's stories that could be considered far from maturity.

With manners of this man is talking to the boy with the full seriousness.
But the atmosphere relaxed because when his field is quiet and free from distractions.

Children is the duty of us all to be developed in terms of thinking and ways of behaving.
Everything must come from the children, whoever it is. The most important thing we as adult must have a high sense of empathy with children.

Because they were deemed to be respected, they thought, although still minimal but still be considered quite intelligent in attitude.

Especially in terms of playing and find a practical solution.

So cultivate their soul in taking a stance, do not need to bother much illogical thinking came just one word that is simple and simple: let this happen because of the reality that must be faced.


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