Friday, May 15, 2015

Think first before you complain about your situation

Every day is a blessing we were given by God to be used as well as possible.But sometimes due to full activity can sue us to always pursue the goal and finish routines inon time.

Busyness in daily activities could have an impact on our business to health and relationship with God alwaysignored. That arises is the greed of ourselves that continues preying life tirelessly.Which happened just chatter less convenient to the complaint that every day without us knowing it came out as a greeting.

Many people said, every word of it is a prayer for him. So, really be careful to say especially when wewas it difficult and oppressed problem. That no result will result back on ourselves.
Complaints may manifest all sorts, could be a lack of finance, narrow time up on health.As long as we can get a job is already a grace, but our minds there is always a sense of dissatisfaction is so big. Let us re-think whether we see their position who have not got a job until now.

If we often feel tired and bored of the meaning of life even sometimes there are thoughts of suicide or end of life, remember at that time there was someone who was lying seriously ill and even dying in the hospital.Where they can not complain, they expect only one that is can return to normal activity and healthy.Do we not think in that direction?

Try starting now, change our lifestyle to be more grateful for the blessings of God.Hope can be organized and in line with expectations and ideals that we expect.


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