Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Strange and mysterious sounds coming from the sky across the America, Canada, Germany and Australia

The world is getting older now, a lot of rare events beyond human logic and occur instantaneously without any cause that can be known.

Many say this is a sign of the coming of doomsday according to the Holy Qur'an. Most of the others, this is why it has long sounded just recently on the current uproar.Until the scientific studies of the famous scientist, there is friction between the meteor with the earth which resulted in their voice like a trumpet.

Whatever the views of people on the odd occasion, is a lesson for us as human beings.World while, and no one can resist or hinder. Everything is set up properly by the Creator, God Almighty.

Scientific terms, these sounds are the waves that come from high tides which was originally signify is high.

Various fractions as a result of the meeting of sea waves create a sound that boomed and become a natural phenomenon that occurs.

In any event, this nature already have a very old age.Often natural disasters are unpredictable and casualties w
ere not few in number.

As humans, it's natural we must maintain and preserve this nature as a gift of God.Although many natural phenomena that arise, not only limited means also events. Can also make us to be introspective, back on the road that God blessed.

Do not let us be proud and arrogant, in the face of this noise, everyone confused and no power to take refuge.


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