Friday, May 22, 2015

Tempting delicious food when cold air

I hurried toward some culinary locations in my area. There's plenty of choice to be used as food for tonight.

Confused also face a number of foods that line surrounded by a beautiful angel as a maid in order to gain the sympathy of visitors.

I ended up with a lover over to the food stalls were quite crowded.
This seems like the menu is currently my choice.

I started off to find an empty table when it was very difficult.
Crowded and too much to eat made conditions uncertain.

Finally I was able in the corner although somewhat narrow but grateful also have a place.
I ordered a steak along with the broth.

Viewing pictures and others is one special trick in choosing the right foods.

Besides the visible physical form of food, portion also supplied whether enough or even too much.

Orders finally came up with various kinds of aroma and form in which I have never found it before.

Grilled ribs soup dish along with a juice drink made everything feels complete to eat.

Thank God, this is a gift of God's sustenance and that always accompanies wherever we are.

It feels comfortable in making the tongue and not smelling like meat that has been burned.

Plus a curry sauce served separately and spices are typical grilled steak made tongue was not able to stop menguyahnya.

Finished eating immediately treated cold drinks taste fresh fruit juice.


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