Thursday, May 21, 2015

Do we have discipline in traffic?

The above questions as we each said twisted ears are always in my heart.

Up time is pretty cliche answer, an artificial but that is the reality that is happening today.

The streets are a means us to reach the destination drive. But that does not mean being an arena of competing, fighting force who can survive even noisier.

This is what seems to be given counseling for motorists and road users.
Apparently, they are fed up with the current road conditions.

Everywhere there is always a traffic jam that does not mean new even leave the house even now had to queue.
Are we as road users do not think a little to budge on others?

Questions like these are arguably trivial but it does not mean that can not be answered.
Issued a word - that word is very easy to say but difficult to do real as an action.

I believe that if each of us train ourselves to be patient and always maintain discipline let alone selfish, congestion also must be avoided.

Because the form of an order and know the traffic rules are appropriate and what is not appropriate.


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