Thursday, May 21, 2015

Confused where to eat first?

Tonight is the gift of the most beautiful in life. Food as a source of sustenance of the best of God more and more on my desk.

Our family always eat with gusto and invite friends in one table.
Here's a gift given by God to His people.

There are white rice, fried tofu, satay until the fish is sliced ​​thin Balado.
All menu is simple but has a high nutrition.

Do not have cholesterol and always maintain health in choosing food that is served.
Almost everything is good at the dinner table, especially the increasing number of people who ate at that place.

I was confused when the plate is already in the grip of my hand.
Whichever comes first food?

Everything is tempting and wanted to try it.
First, I take 2 scoops of white rice and satay skewers along with 3 fried tofu and fish Balado.

Afterwards do not forget to drink ice cold water, this a must for our family to eat every dish.

It's full of pleasure if we could gather family and friends together at one table, full of nuances that this gratitude may be a gathering place.
Mutual communication and help if some of us are in trouble.


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