Thursday, May 21, 2015

Graduated from high school then where are you going?

Education is a pillar for the success of an individual.
The best container is formed personal excellence through teaching and knowledge transfer.

Compulsory education is very vigorous currently manifested as a first step in fostering individual character full of insight.

We as educators have a daunting task in shaping their personality.

Full responsibility as a teacher to be on target in transferring knowledge to the learners.
Current constraints could be money and the facilities available.

The lack of it makes the process of learning becomes not aligned with the end goal.
As a result, you can imagine yourself their quality is still not considered to be capable of any job in the world.

As educators providing service excellence in teaching is a big responsibility as the foundation to cover up the shortcomings of some of these.

This is what is meant by the challenge in education.
For students as learners, nor to the problem here.

Where do you want to continue further education? Lecture? or quite simply armed with only a high school diploma can work.

Depending on the person undergoing it.
The most important thing for us is still breathing, you should never underestimate the teaching profession because thanks to them we become like this.


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