Sunday, May 17, 2015

Agate or beautiful stones that are excellent in our country

Who does not know agate? Almost every male in our country particularly liked the charm of agate.
There are many shades of various types into the stone.

Ranging from black opal, ruby, green brazil, up to a certain patterned stone like a human shadow, face shape to the kalam lafadz divine.

There also are still shaped rocks that have not been carved or form lumps and which has been carved in stone ring shape.

This is the appeal which the stones can be resold at a price that is very fantastic.
Purchasing centers were diverse, there is even a super place full in eastern Jakarta area presented in a full house.

There, consumers can choose a wide range of bentu stone from all regions in the country.
Can bargain as agreed, there is also the price was not negotiable. It's become an interesting thing amid the many gold and silver are soaring and the price continues to rise.
This is an alternative, to be used as a farm business today.

For those who want to become a collector of unique stone from various countries, there is a place that desire shade.

The beautiful stone unmitigated valued at up to hundreds of millions of dollars.


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