Sunday, May 17, 2015

Office who witnessed the consent granted lasts between a pair of mankind

Family is the desire of every human being. Has a faithful spouse be a last option to achieve perfection in life.
Do not be a slave to passion the world, choose the best path given by God through the various ways and beautiful shape.

Every human being is created in pairs. For those who are good and sincere hearts must be for the good of their hearts and have the same sincerity as well.

People who do not kind of gratitude will get the same pair as well.
That piece of verse of the Qur'an Surah An Nur: 26.

So do not be too concerned about the state of torment. Not to get a matching pair does not mean God does not find the right for us.

But cultivate maturity and established in the thought that instill trust God for us to be able to get a couple.
All existing partner respectively. Animals were also treated the same from the Lord.

So as moral beings who should we continue to improve against Him worship, Sought establish a relationship with a fellow in order to match the ever anticipated.

As far as the eye can see, this step foot rests or over-the length of time, mate sooner or later will come by itself.

Believe me, God is all-knowing His will all affairs.
You always draw near to Him. God willing, all the things you do not expect in advance would be lovely in time.


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