Sunday, May 17, 2015

Some adverse effects are caused because of frequent nail biting

Maybe we often see with ease the nail biting for one thing.Because thinking about what has happened or just a fad for no reason.

Sometimes they are also often nail-biting until the end to bleed.What alasannyaa, who knows?

The important thing as long as it does not harm people what is the problem?
Many have become a dangerous risk of such trivial things, including :

1. Bacteria are always present in every place
According to research conducted is a bacterium resides in the nail two times more than  

   in the wrist.
The need to wash hands before meals is required in order that the risks to be reduced.
At the moment already in the bitten nails, the bacteria will go directly to the body 

   which result in some infections.
2. The nails become injured and uncomfortable
Open wounds on nails that have been bitten previously would cause the bacteria easily 

    enter through the liquid blood coming out.
3. Affected gum and tooth problems
Gums become infected initially good and make the gear position is far from normal 

Here are some diseases that occur because of errors or trivial habit.So once again thinking twice about bad habits that can befall you risk dangerous.


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