Sunday, May 17, 2015

Watch the movie Doraemon together with dear lover

Time has begun to move toward the weekend. Time for this leg rests towards the cinema where before tickets have been booked.

The road is getting increasingly crowded afternoon with local tourists who want to experience the beauty of the night with family or lover.

Finally arrived disebuah largest shopping center in Jakarta.
Initially a bit confused about the very extensive park so we both were looking for parking from floor to floor.

Full of cars parked, we had desperately looking for an empty space for our vehicles amid a crowded weekend.

Arriving in front of the elevator door on the 5th floor, and it can also be grateful if a little far from the lobby.

Footstep very relaxing wrapped jeans and shirt make sure this yourself with a lover.
Entry into the lobby did not forget to be examined carefully by the mall security guard. Running back and I was surprised after entering into it.

So spacious, airy and very big and long.
We were both walking around down the floor while looking at the variety of items on display. Quite tiring and very tempting any goods.

Looking at the clock was nearing prayer time, we rushed straight to the mosque inside. Once again we did not expect this fancy building the mosque in this shopping center complex.

The trip ends with a magnificent towards 4DX theaters and fascinating in terms of screen and quality effects. Apparently already started queuing in front of the door, and finally we were able to seat a very fit, middle and very clear.

It was very nice Doraemon movie, there is the meaning of friendship contained therein which in reality makes us think clearly.


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