Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Decker bus that adorn the streets of Jakarta

Jakarta city, this is where I settled to equip future of the family. With a myriad of hope and challenge, I tried to train myself into a powerful personal.
Time passed, the city of Jakarta is increasingly beautify themselves with various office buildings and the magnificent high.

Skyscrapers are now familiar to city dwellers, who daily busy respectively.
Who formerly deserted street with many pedestrians, is now beginning to grow a number of motor vehicles of various types.

Ranging from motorcycles, cars, bicycles to large vehicles such as trucks and other large cargo. All gathered into one part and cause congestion.
Fortunately, the local government to make some kind of mass transportation mode and comprehensive nature.

Decker bus like this, initially given 5 pieces, which in essence is an attempt to travel around in the city. Approached each location culture Jakarta and traveled amid the hustle of the city.

He said, will continue to be added gradually with a target of 100 buses in the first year to the next. Hopefully everything can be realized according to plan.
The city that is not only friendly to the people but also the surrounding environment is getting narrower by the barren land without greening.


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