Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Unique selling place and able to compete with supermarkets

Wholesale center is a place where every person businesses find the items needs at an affordable price.
Not only that, this place offers comfort in a shop with a wide range of products an attractive option and still relatively new.

I tried to walk in one wholesale center in my town, there is a unique sight in front of me.
I instantly take pictures and see the unique form and never existed anywhere.
It is a sort of small trading stalls stalls run that can be placed anywhere.

The shape is very creative and can attract a lot of customers who despite being offered a narrow space and improvise.

Overall, this place adopts a grocery shop on the roadside. The difference in the shape and proportions are kept to a minimum but does not reduce the original meaning.

A variety of food can be served starting from instant foods such as noodles, besera minuma mild to fizzy.

It seems to be an appropriate effort difficult times at the moment, sufficient capital with only a few million. By goods into daily consumption is not likely to be a promising revenue certainly in the future.


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