Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Long journey towards the family of earning a living

I went home from work, the time showed 5pm. It's very exhausting activities that moment. I began to set foot in the direction of the train station. As usual scene ensued exhausting, so many passengers waiting at the station platform length.

All the same boat and arms with me, a lot of faces grim and dull represent their feelings at the time.

Work is currently demanded tougher, because the competition was also very sharp. Each individual race achieve the ideals and the same hope that victory and happiness.
But everyone is different looking at it from one another.

Each one of us has different desires and expectations. Especially if we are married, have children far exceeds the capacity of human beings as a bachelor.

Responsibility and thinking will grow, no wonder many of them are already white-haired, aging prematurely. 

Karen economic factors as well as their thoughts on things that it has become a responsibility especially towards families.

The scenery is not bad too we enjoy together in the end, inevitably, and like it or not must be lived together. 

Overcrowded among a group of people make working conditions more uncomfortable home.

Fortunately, this time the train launches conditioning as well as relieving tired comfort and reduce fatigue can entertain us during the work.


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