Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Delicious grilled meat dishes for dinner

It's time for dinner. Very tempting menu is barbecued ribs along with hot sauce presented in a separate bowl.
Is quite unique even unforeseen of how the presentation from the start.
But this is reality, all rose from the creativity of personal thirst for innovation.

A variety of foods including meats can even created with specials.
Make eye becomes attractive and there is a very high sense to eat immediately.

During my meal, the meat was tender though impressed sticky tongue but roast aroma which can not survive.
Smell of charred flesh interspersed flavor of butter makes the tongue was unable to eat it immediately.
The price is quite cheap if compared with the menu class but in other places.

Although we had to stand in line waiting for the dishes were overcooked, because too many orders from everyone.

Willing to wait for hours is a challenge in eating delicious meat in the overhang of this road. Night of the week looks full and crowded sidewalks even to meet.


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